Giovanni Ferraris Gioielli - Italian Jewellery Manufacturer

02/24/11 07:53
All we have in a drawer an object to which we are bound, not for the value of the material, but for the memory that us berry and company does us; here I create of the small feelings and hope to give to please who knows to pick it. GF dedicated to the excellence and the oneness, Giovanni Ferraris rifacendosi to its tradition, represents a high expression darte goldsmith, the its so sole jewlery and intense are derived from the sought combination of the More precious stones to the world with the expert wisdom of hands. Gentle tone, natural stones, I yield of an alchemy between creativity and pure love, forms of altri times but also contemporaries, typical of the immortal objects Each one of us has in his personal and summoned safe an object which has to special value, not for the material value, but for the memory which surrounds it and stays with us; this is what THE created: small emotions and THE hope that they will give pleasure To whom will drinks able to capture them. GF dedicated to the excellence and the uniqueness, Giovanni Ferraris, keeping close to his tradition, represent to high expression of the goldsmiths art craft; his unique intense and jewels are to result of careful the combination of the most precious stones of the world together with the know-how of expert hands. Sweet colors, natural stones, fruit of an alchemy of creativity and too love.